09 Mar 2015

Air Source Heat Pumps/Air Con

A question about : Air Source Heat Pumps/Air Con

With all the posts ongoing here regarding heat pumps etc I have decided to start a new post I have put together with information on reverse cycle air conditioning (heat pumps), where people can ask questions, chat about heat pumps, discuss experiences, installs, electricity usage & anything else heat pumps related.
Theres a lot of info here to take in, please do read it all as this may just

09 Mar 2015

Gas or electric fire

A question about : Gas or electric fire

09 Mar 2015

Double sided stove recommendation?

A question about : Double sided stove recommendation?


We have recently moved into our new house title=Jumping and would like to have a multifuel stove installed.

At present we have 2 (LPG) gas fires back to back in the lounge and dining room. When we had our HETAS engineer around he suggested knocking through and having a double sided stove installed which we had already considered and like the idea of.

09 Mar 2015

Solar Panels

A question about : Solar Panels

Can anyone tell me if we can keep our old electricity meter now that we've had solar panels installed? Or will our energy provider force us to have a new, modern one (that won't reflect the electricity our panels generate)?!?

Best answers:

  • You should have a meter that doesn't go backwards when you are exporting. That could be a modern digital one, but some of the later rotary dial types (including mine) have a ratchet mechanism to stop them going backwards.