09 Mar 2015

Being chased for Greek medical bills.

A question about : Being chased for Greek medical bills.

My 19 year old son went to Corfu recently, I warned him about the usual scams/problems but I didn't count on this one.

09 Mar 2015

Reply from Ryanair Compensation

A question about : Reply from Ryanair Compensation

Have just received the following for reclaiming accomodation expenses. I faxed them at the beginning of May. I don't know where they get the idea that you have to have VAT registered receipts, we rented an apartment in Spain & had to extend the rental period - I shall have to put it in the covering letter, if they want to play silly sods, then its off to court we go

I refer to our recent correspondence regarding your disrupted flight(s).

09 Mar 2015

No Compensation if you do not fly back with same airline

A question about : No Compensation if you do not fly back with same airline

According to Easyjet and after they cancelled our return flight, I am not entitled to make a claim of Ј500 additional accommodation expenses when we got caught up in the ash cloud in Budapest. We took a BA flight because no Easyjet flights were available (all be it they say there were flights). We paid Ј1200 for two seats with BA to get back to the UK. Is this EU ruling correct?

09 Mar 2015

Monarch Volcanic Ash Payout

A question about : Monarch Volcanic Ash Payout

Has anyone been payed out by Monarch, they finally sent a cheque for Ј213.48 which did not even cover a 1/3 of the hotel bill. I would be interested to find out if anyone else has been paid Ј8.00 per person per night, and if anyone could tell me where I go from here if I dont want to accept this settlement.