09 Mar 2015

Christmas Hampers 2014

A question about : Christmas Hampers 2014

I cant find an up to date thread for hampers, so thought I would start one (please let me know if I have missed it & I will delete this thread).

If we post what hampers we are planning, and also if we see any bits whilst out and about that may be useful to others. Hopefully this will be of some help to all of us hamper-holics!

Oh, and photos of finished hampers would also be lovely!

My 2014 hampers:

09 Mar 2015

Children's Christmas wish list

A question about : Children's Christmas wish list

I saw this today and I just had to share it. The video is really cute and shows Father Christmas asking children what they would like for Christmas, back in 1959.

I wonder how many parents will be going overdrawn this year to buy a must have gift? Whereas, some of these children asked for things like a penny whistle.

Of course, there is always the kid who wants a bike!


09 Mar 2015

Best present?

A question about : Best present?

My birthday is close to christmas so already had some gifts but my best present so far has to be my ugg slippers! So cozy. Feel free to tell me the worst present but I have to say I've loved all mine so far. We open presents Christmas morning. I know christmas is about other things besides presents...however it is piece in the puzzle though and usually a nice part to talk about!

09 Mar 2015

MSE Blog: Having a DIY fireworks display for NYE? Here’s how to do it safely

A question about : MSE Blog: Having a DIY fireworks display for NYE? Here’s how to do it safely

*This forum thread has been belatedly started to discuss the linked to blog below from 29 December 2014.*

If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party with fireworks and sparklers, it’s important you are safety-conscious as well as MoneySaving...

Read MSE Andrea's full blog:
Having a DIY fireworks display for New Year’s Eve? Here’s how to do it safely