09 Mar 2015

crochet anyone ?

A question about : crochet anyone ?


i learned myself to crochet from watching videos on u tube im currently half way thoeugh a blanket for my little gir

just wonderd if any of you crochet as i think its a skill thats sadly dying out u can make some wonderfull things and the main thing i like is you see results quickly as i get quite impaitent title=Big

09 Mar 2015

Jewellery making anyone??

A question about : Jewellery making anyone??

Ok, I think some people on here make their own jewellery already?

I was thinking maybe we could start a thread - offering/sharing tips, advice etc?

I have been making jewellery for years now and sell in a couple of local shops and to friends. I also make things for pressies, so am happy to offer advice (not an expert by any meanstitle=ROTFL )


09 Mar 2015

sewing machine help needed

A question about : sewing machine help needed

I have just treated myself to a sewing machine title=Jumping

Spotted it in a charity shop for Ј30 it's a toyota classic, no idea if that is a good price but I am happy as the money went to a good cause and I have always wanted to learn how to use one.

09 Mar 2015

Ploughing Through The Pins Challenge

A question about : Ploughing Through The Pins Challenge

OK as well as running and continuing the stash busting challenge on the forum crafting board for 2015 (feel free to join us if you would like title=Smile ) I have decided to start a new crafty challenge for 2015 (but have to post it now before I forget!!) title=Smile