09 Mar 2015

Free Ј10 Morrisons voucher

A question about : Free Ј10 Morrisons voucher

In todays Sun collect 15 codes in the next month and get a Ј10 voucher for Morrisons.

09 Mar 2015

sainsburys coupons

A question about : sainsburys coupons

Hi, not sure if I'm putting this in the right forum so apologies in advance.
I'm also not sure if its been posted before but if it has I'm sure someone will remove it.

09 Mar 2015

Money off protein snack for Jan health kick!

A question about : Money off protein snack for Jan health kick!


Just redeemed myself a voucher for my usual January fitness regime!

50p off at Tesco Express. It's high protein so I always but them in my gym bag to eat on the way home.

Worth a try at 80p.

I found it on Facebook - jack link's Europe.

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    09 Mar 2015


    A question about : morrisons

    can someone please help with this one ???
    offer at morrisons to do 6 seperate weekly shops ( each spend had to be 40.00 ) to qualify for 25.00 voucher
    here is my shops

    8/11 41.05
    11/11 42.83
    18/11 43.76
    25/11 ............ 39.24 ( it was 50.00) but they had something out of stock which reduced to total items to 39.24 ....there is no where on the on line shopping to advise them to send alternative
    1/12 44.79 ( 2 shops in 1 week - by mistake ) 7/12 39.13 ...once again out of stock items
    14/12 48.10