09 Mar 2015


A question about : CEX

Just thought I would share a laugh I had when passing a CEX shop during the weekend.
After all these sub 300 quid plus 2 games deals during Black Friday last week Imagine how amused I was to see that CEX had the gall to try and flog a used console with no games for Ј330!!! Who are they trying to kid?

09 Mar 2015

EA, Fifa 15 and a ban

A question about : EA, Fifa 15 and a ban

What are the legal rights of people who own Fifa 15, play Ultimate Team legitimately and are just good at trading players etc. Make several millions coins and then because of this, with no evidence presented get their account banned by EA with a claim of Coin Selling.

Someone at work was talking about this who plays it a lot. We're all aware of the coin selling that goes on an that ruins Ultimate Team. The question is, how do go about getting an account back that has been falsely banned due to false claims of coin selling.

09 Mar 2015

Xbox query

A question about : Xbox query

Hi, I have an xbox 360 (the white stad up console) and obviously a load of games. I want another xbox that will accept these games (only another 360 will ?) to go in another room and play on a new smart tv.
There is a confusing range of xboxs on ebay, black, white, console, 60gb, etc (think mine is a 20 harddrive)
I understand that there is one xbox that links to a smart tv by hdmi cable rather than what I have (3 coloured leads intoo a scart socket) - yes ? Why/is this better ?

09 Mar 2015

Xbox one...

A question about : Xbox one...

Is it worth having Both PS4 and xbox one??

I have a PS4 and use it for films and playing games e.g driveclub etc... All my friends have a ps4....

I would only get an xbox one for halo & Forza 5/horizon 2 that's about it... won't use any other game...

So is it worth me getting xbox one just for Forza and halo?? I loved those game when I had a xbox 360 before my PS4

I use my PS4 Few times a week but not loads