09 Mar 2015

Price of private a 'Radiologist report' + 'Oncologist report' ?

A question about : Price of private a 'Radiologist report' + 'Oncologist report' ?

When needing a private radiologist and also oncologist to view some X-rays, and examine them and write a report on them, to determine what the Xrays show

(any health issues, explanations of any shadows, or any conclusions which they might draw by looking at the Xray)

Then if they were to write a report on these findings, then what would be a typical price looking to pay for a:

i) Radiologist report
ii) Oncologist report?

09 Mar 2015

Another Albany Assistance car crash query...

A question about : Another Albany Assistance car crash query...

Hi all, hoping someone can provide advice on the best way to proceed. Apologies for the long post ...

09 Mar 2015

"Free insurance" with new car

A question about : "Free insurance" with new car

Hubby and I have ordered a brand new VW which is being delivered on Sunday. It's the first brand new car we've had for about 20 years, so I'm a bit in the dark about what to expect these days. The biggest What do I do? is to do with the insurance, and I'd appreciate some help from people more clued up about this than me.

09 Mar 2015

Yorkshire Water Insurance

A question about : Yorkshire Water Insurance

Mail today brought Yorkshire Water offering home plumbing cover (through Homeserve) for 50p per month for a year.

Seems like a decent deal, what d'ya wise MSE types reckon?

Best answers:

  • Depends what it covers and what insurances you already have.
    You'd also need to be careful to catch the renewal when inevitably it will jump up considerably to its normal pricing.