09 Mar 2015

2nd pt job and tax credits

A question about : 2nd pt job and tax credits

Hi, hope someone may be able to advise me here as google articles are putting me off!

I currently work part time (16hrs) and am a single parent so am in reciept of tax credits and some HB.

I also do voluntary work every week and the trust i do this for has received some funding to be able to employ me and i would very much like this! However, having looked online all I can see is articles saying that it isn't advisable and that i would probably be worse off!

09 Mar 2015

On benefits but want to become self employed

A question about : On benefits but want to become self employed

Sorry in advance, this is a bit of a long email, but it's a totally honest, warts and all cry for some clear advice.
I am asking for some advice regarding my daughter Claire
So here is the situation:
Claire is a single Mum aged 30
Her daughter is 4 and just started school this September near Exeter
Claire receives housing benefit and some tax credit and lives independently with her daughter.

09 Mar 2015


A question about : Ssp

I have been working for an agency for 7 months and the work involves heavy lifting. I have a problem with my hip so cannot lift safely and as a result i have injured my back. The doctor gave me a sick not due to finding osteoarthritis in my hip. The job center say that i cannot claim SSP because i work for an agency and i have to fill in forms for benefits.

What do I do?

Best answers:

  • Put in a claim for ESA as soon as possible.
09 Mar 2015

Tax credit compliance letter

A question about : Tax credit compliance letter

Hi I'm beside myself with worry at the moment. I received a letter on friday saying my single claim for last year was being investigated as they had something to say my husband was living there. Here is the story: