09 Mar 2015

I'm getting old and grumpy

A question about : I'm getting old and grumpy

I actually growled at someone at gymnastics class for saying they didn't want to build muscle, just tone up.


...sorry. I feel better now. Maybe I should have put this in the Vents section? title=Wink

Anyone else got a fitness pet hate?


09 Mar 2015

anyone bought fitbit or similar??

A question about : anyone bought fitbit or similar??

I admit to being a bit of a gadget freak.!

I have some christmas money that I am debating what to do with.One of the options is to buy one of those fotness monitor type wrist bands- the ones that look more like a bracelet than a watch! If you have one does it monitor sleep? is it any use?

As I said I am just debating. I cycle a lot and have a garmin edge which also has a heart monitor if I dare look at it when going up hills so not sure if I get one I just wouldnt really get that much from it.

09 Mar 2015

Biking routes northwest?

A question about : Biking routes northwest?

hi guys, me and my partner have a week of early march and was wondering if anyone knows any good biking routes in north west area or close to north west, both have a bike and a car, we have been on the Lake District- keswick route which we enjoyed, or amybe a good website for good routes? maybe after medium routes, thanks

09 Mar 2015

The All New MSE Running Club.

A question about : The All New MSE Running Club.

Hello everyone!

This is a message to all MSE runners - and I know that there are many of us. You may be a seasoned veteran with many Marathons under your belt, a club runner, a lone runner, a newbie or someone thinking about taking the plunge into running. Doesn't matter this is for you.