09 Mar 2015

genius energy free solar panels

A question about : genius energy free solar panels

hi can some please tell me if this is a genuine company, sounds to good to be true, should i give it a go , can someone please help me, genius-energy.co.uk

09 Mar 2015

Solar PV Friendly Home Insurance

A question about : Solar PV Friendly Home Insurance

Having an issue with renewing home insurance on comparison sites as some insurers require you to ring up for a telephone quote if you have panels fitted.

Who are people insured with and which insurers are Solar PV friendly? Our current insurance is Halifax but they want double what the best price is on the comparison sites so need to shop round.


09 Mar 2015

Solar panels

A question about : Solar panels


I moved into a house which has solar panels in the garden....

Our first FIT payments were around Ј80 each ..two in total from January to August.

Our August payment was only Ј10 - long story short the inverter was replaced. The running of the panels etc was checked out at the time of replacement and deemed ok.

We just had the last payment and it was Ј12 from November to February.

There is no shadowing and they obviously haven't been moved....

What can be the problem?

09 Mar 2015

Solar ... In the news

A question about : Solar ... In the news

Hi All

Thought it was about time we had a thread specifically to discuss relevant press articles relating to solar pv & thermal ..... so here goes ...