09 Mar 2015

Using a debit card abroad

A question about : Using a debit card abroad

For several years I've been using debit cards whilst abroad as I often go travelling for three weeks and carrying that much cash isn't always practical. I buy some currency with the intention of using an ATM after a week or so. I know that this mightn't be the cheapest option but I'm happy that the convenience of this arrangement is worth a few quid here or there.

09 Mar 2015

Warning. Dont use Lloyds

A question about : Warning. Dont use Lloyds

Just a warning don't choose Lloyds for your bank account.

I'm helping a friend close his account and so far it has taken 2 months with fees being racked up in the meantime. They have lost all the three letters he sent and he has been into the branch twice and they filled in forms.

And they still have not closed it. AVOID!

09 Mar 2015

Contactless Payments dont show up in available balance!!!

A question about : Contactless Payments dont show up in available balance!!!

I have had an issue with HSBC (business ac but should not make any difference for domestic) as follows:

Rang yesterday to see why A/C was not showing all payments and adviser confirmed that all debit card payments should show on my 'available balance'.

Account now overdrawn by Ј13 they charge me a daily ammont for going overdrawn

phoned back and after some digging found the offending payment (Coop Ј14 contactlees payment)

09 Mar 2015

Is the Halifax reward current account ok?

A question about : Is the Halifax reward current account ok?

Hi, I am very tempted to switch a barclays joint bank account to the Halifax Reward Account to get the Ј125 switch bonus and the Ј5 per month. Just wondered if people are happy with the Halifax account - does the online banking work well and do payments in and out happen instantly. Thank you.