09 Mar 2015

DRO help needed

A question about : DRO help needed

hi .
I wonder if someone can help me . I'm currently applyed for the DRO (Debt Relief Order) , but my quesion is can the creditor refuse the DRO ??. because that what happen to me today when I let one of my creditors know that I'm apply for a DRO . Now I don't know where I stand , if yiu can help that would be fab . thanks title=Smile

09 Mar 2015

iva dispute

A question about : iva dispute

09 Mar 2015

iva recommendations

A question about : iva recommendations

hi guys sorry i'm constantly posting looking for recommendations for IVA companies if I did go down this route, I want to make right choice.

Also questions I should ask each company

09 Mar 2015

Defaults AFTER IVA was started

A question about : Defaults AFTER IVA was started

I have just check my credit report online and glad I did.

My IVA was approved on the 1st June 2012, and is still showing as being active.

Halifax, put a default on my credit report dated the 11th July 2012.

Max Recovery also put a default on my credit reported dated the 1st June 2012, the same day as the IVA approval.

Can they actually do this because I had not defaulted on payments hence why the IVA was in place?