09 Mar 2015

SSE Energy company...help please

A question about : SSE Energy company...help please

Please can anyone help me, I work part time and im a single parent to four children, a year ago I moved house and when I rang to change my gas and Electricity supply to my new house I was told they didn't supply my new property. I ended my supply on the 13th December 2013 I now have received a bill through a debt collection agency for nearly Ј500.
SSE apparently made up my final bill to the 13th of September by mistake instead of 13th December and as I had moved they billed the 3 month supply to the occupier

09 Mar 2015

brushes road, Stalybridge

A question about : brushes road, Stalybridge

Im just wondering if anyone could advise me what's Stalybridge like to live in. Ive seen a property I really like, its an ex council property on brushes road. I am aware that there are some new build houses on brushes road..

I am not from the area but I love the countryside view. Ive checked the crime rate and apparently the crime rate is higher than a few of those highest crime town like Levenshulme and gorton which doesnt seem right

Any advise or comment from anyone knows the area would be much appreciated

09 Mar 2015

Man with van in Herefordshire / Lichfield

A question about : Man with van in Herefordshire / Lichfield

Hi, we need some bulky items moving from Lichfield to Ross on Wye.
Can anyone suggest a man with a van in the area?

Thanks, Woo

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    09 Mar 2015

    The Milton Keynes Money Savers Thread

    A question about : The Milton Keynes Money Savers Thread

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