09 Mar 2015

BulkPowders Referral thread

A question about : BulkPowders Referral thread

Use code JB52963 when you register at www.bulkpowders.co.uk and you get Ј5 off your first order over Ј15

I get Ј5 as well, so thanks in advance for using my code

Keep an eye on their facebook and twitter pages for new offers

09 Mar 2015

Quidco now offering Refer a Friend

A question about : Quidco now offering Refer a Friend


Logged into Quidco this morning and saw a new refer a friend option. You get Ј2.50 for each friend you refer and you can choose how to split it.

I have my link set up so you get the full Ј2.50.


You can have Ј2 and give me 50p by clicking this link


09 Mar 2015

Please post vote for me posts here

A question about : Please post vote for me posts here

Hi everyone

Martin's decided he's happy for people to post asking others to vote for them or their baby/brother/sister etc. As they're not always strictly MoneySaving though we'd like to keep them all together so if you could post them in this thread that would be great.

If any are posted elsewhere on the forum then the Board Guides will move them and merge them into this thread.

Thanks for your help everyone

Andrea title=Smile

09 Mar 2015

Ј5 off Ј10 spend at Etsy (New members)

A question about : Ј5 off Ј10 spend at Etsy (New members)

Etsy is like eBay but for independent craftspeople.

Get Ј5 off your first Ј10 spend or more. (new members who sign up with the below link)

I get Ј10 for every 2 people that buy something


Thank you