09 Mar 2015

Just need to check ....

A question about : Just need to check ....

The Management company for our estate are about to introduce a PPC for residents and visitors. (Park Direct UK Ltd)

Basically I have told them what I think of the idea !

09 Mar 2015

VCS PCN strange circumstances/ appeal advice

A question about : VCS PCN strange circumstances/ appeal advice

Hello all

I have spent the last few hours checking forums as I got a PCN from VCS. Got the usual looking PCN Ј60 if paid within 14 days etc..

The situation is we was parked in our own allocated space for an apartment we own. Our permit has been through the washing machine so not in great condition but we have had no problems in 6 or so months.

09 Mar 2015

Private Parking Ticket

A question about : Private Parking Ticket

Hi guys,

I got a parking charge notice this morning from Parkingeye. They are demanding Ј100.00, Ј60.00 if I pay within 14 days. I intend to appeal, I did not notice that it was a paid car park(Morrison's Stratford, East London).

I went into Morrison's and bought a few items and stayed for a total of 45 minutes. I would like to know whether I should appeal in writing or is it better online?

Thanks for reading. Any advice/help would be much appreciated.


09 Mar 2015

Private Parking Charges

A question about : Private Parking Charges

On the 8th November 2014 Vinci Park Car Park Services UK Ltd gave me a ticket for parking on private land. I should not have parked there. The price of the ticket (which is not a fine!) is Ј100. I waited for the Notice to Keeper to come through, this arrived dated 15th December 2014. My dispute letter was sent 2nd January 2015. Vinci rejected my dispute on 20th January 2015 saying I did not appeal within 28 days and it’s now with a debt recovery agent. I disputed in just 18 days from NTK.