22 Mar 2015

This will be the year.....

A question about : This will be the year.....

Hi I'm starting a diary to help keep me on track. I always do well to begin with, then a few months down the line I seem to forget all the hard work and start blowing my money.

I'm determined that this year will be the year I pay off my debts and start saving for my long term goals.

I am 31 with two beautiful girls and a stepdaughter who is currently living with us for a while. I have two debts, a loan of about Ј2k and credit card Ј2k also. I am also paying for a holiday in August and have Ј1.4k to go.

09 Mar 2015

Starting allll over again!

A question about : Starting allll over again!

title=SmileHi guys! I'm back again.
After clearing around Ј20,000 in total I am starting over again. This time however we are clearing a loan which we have took out to extend our home. We reckon doing this will in the long run save us ЈЈЈЈЈ instead of moving. We got a decent interest rate and can overpay unlimited amounts.
So am going to start my journey by trying to overpay the loan, save up for a family holiday and keep bumping up the savings as best I can.

09 Mar 2015

Long time Lurker's diary of life in debt on a DMP!

A question about : Long time Lurker's diary of life in debt on a DMP!

As the title says.....I am a long time lurker and self confessed MSE and bargain hunter obsessive. I have spent 4 years not opening post, ignoring calls and spending ridiculous amounts of money on utter tosh!

09 Mar 2015


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Hello title=Wave

Welcome to my DFW diary!

Formal introductions not required, take a seat put your feet up of and grab a cuppa, the kettle is never of the boil for very long... biscuits however, are strictly off the shopping list!