09 Mar 2015

Where to invest

A question about : Where to invest

I am 16 years old in full time education and i have recently received Ј2000 that I would like to invest. Where, at this current moment in time, should i invest my money?

09 Mar 2015

Studying in the USA

A question about : Studying in the USA

Can anyone provide guidance for any loans or assistance to someone planning on studying in the USA

09 Mar 2015

Student loan deductions before or after tax

A question about : Student loan deductions before or after tax

I have just rang the SLC company as I have under 3 years to go on my student loan (income contingent plan 1) and I want to swop to direct debit as so as I go under two years.

However, the person to the end of the phone said it is better to have payments taken out via PAYE as they are taken before tax and that DD payment are taken from your taxed salary? Surely this is wrong as having payments taken from salary would not produce a tax saving as they don't reduce your salary!

09 Mar 2015

Urgent help needed

A question about : Urgent help needed

My daughter has paid Ј450 and Ј297.55 to a woman in Ipswich for accommodation in Salzburg as part of her Uni. abroad learning German.

This woman is apparently moving to Salzburg and has another student staying with her.

My daughter said that she had changed her mind and did not want to stay at this place as she was asked to pay 2 months extra rent in advance by a lawyer, who, when we checked did not work for the company that he said he did and they had never heard of him.