09 Mar 2015

new Look voucher + MORE magazine

A question about : new Look voucher + MORE magazine

Does anyone know where to find the voucher in this magazine. I've been through it dozens of times + can't find it. HELP !

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    09 Mar 2015

    Sainburys 'cheap' champagne offer

    A question about : Sainburys 'cheap' champagne offer

    09 Mar 2015

    Beware Boots points deals

    A question about : Beware Boots points deals

    After reading about a deal for 750 Advantage Club points for spends of over Ј50 valid only for last Thursday I took my card off to my local Boots store and stocked up on goodies to the tune of Ј72. However, at the checkout I was informed that although this was a larger Boots as specified in their Terms and Conditions, that particular store wasn't participating. A very irate email to Boots customer services on my return gleaned the reply that the particular store in question had decided not to participate in the promotion.

    09 Mar 2015

    Help. Can't remember what I ordered or where from.

    A question about : Help. Can't remember what I ordered or where from.

    Ages ago I saw an offer for Lego keyrings. I think they were free if you paid postage? But don't quote me on that, I might have paid for them. title=Embarrassment

    It's just dawned on me that I never got them.

    I have no clue where they were from or even what they were exactly as it was months ago and my stress levels mean my concentration and memory suck right now.