09 Mar 2015

Wireless Thermostat

A question about : Wireless Thermostat

Currently have a wired thermostat for the CH however this is shortly going to end up in a cupboard. Rather than drilling a hole in the cupboard can I replace the wired thermostat with a wireless one.

Photo of current thermostat:


How about replacing it with something like this:


09 Mar 2015

Mattress for slatted base

A question about : Mattress for slatted base

We're in the market for a new pocket sprung mattress, we were considering memory foam for a while but fast went off the idea.

Our new bed though has a wooden slatted base, not built yet but in the photo they look quite far apart title=Mad


09 Mar 2015

New bathroom and kitchen

A question about : New bathroom and kitchen


I want a new bathroom and kitchen fitted. This is something I have never had done before.

Is it usual to go through the large DIY chains to purchase a new bathroom and kitchen, including installation, or are there any other ways to go about this? For example, is this the kind of work a local builder would carry out? If so, would I have to purchase the fixtures and fittings or would the builder do this. There is no way I could do any of the work myself because I have no experience at all.

09 Mar 2015

Water leak but there are 4 properties running from the same connection

A question about : Water leak but there are 4 properties running from the same connection