26 Feb 2015

A question about : Transaction on my current account from "who internet internet" Who are they???

My bank cant tell me any further details until tomorrow but im pulling my hair out for who this company is?

They took out 2 separate transactions on 2 days. One for Ј10 and the other for Ј20.

Im thinking maybe a betting site but not sure.

I registered with bet32 a while back but didnt authorise any funds to be transferred.

Anyone got any clue who they might be????title=Mad

Best answers:

  • Your bank will tell who they are as they will get the Originators reference, this will then tell you who it is,
  • Patience is a virtue,
  • Its William Hill
  • William Hill Online possibly?
  • Via Direct Debit or via Debit card?
  • It was with debit card.
    Turns out it was William hill so well done and thanks to the guys who identified this.
    It actually standard for William hill online but the rep couldn't understand why it came through as who internet internet as opposed to just william hill as per other transactions
    So its all good.
  • A quick search found this useful thread, which answered the same question the original poster had. Thanks everyone!
  • I had the same dilemma when I saw my OH's bank accountGuessed what it was though
  • It's the William Hill Organsiation.
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