26 Feb 2015

MUG SHOTS of "The Money Diet"

A question about : MUG SHOTS of "The Money Diet"

The comes a time in a book's life, when it grows & matures. It is then that it start's out on it's journey and adventures.....

So far this cheeky little character
has been seen at two event's, firstly the MSE Party Click HERE ;D and secondly at Dudley Click HERE ;D if any of you MSE'ers have caught "Him" out on his travels why not post a picture here:

[hr]Martin might even offer up a reward for the most unique, funny or unusual places he has been snapped!!

26 Feb 2015

Downloadable spreadsheets ??

A question about : Downloadable spreadsheets ??

Hi all

There are a few tables to fill in Martins excellent book, but I was just wondering if there are ant downloadable Excel spreadsheets anywhere rather than deface the book or even attempt to construct them myself.


26 Feb 2015

martin's book bargain

A question about : martin's book bargain

I have just bought 6 copies of Martins book, money saving diet, for Ј12.76.
Thats Ј2.13 each, delivered! Well chuffed with that!
I bought one at launch, and need more copies as gifts.

Oh, nearly forgot..............www.bol.com

26 Feb 2015

Just a quick Question

A question about : Just a quick Question

How many pages are in the money diet?

Best answers:

  • strange question but 350
  • it is a strange question, but i was wondeirng if it would fit thru ma letterbox (ordering one) or if i would have to be in
  • it should fit ok mine did but depends how much packaging they put on it
  • and on the size of your letterbox... ;D