22 Mar 2015

Please read if you are self-employed

A question about : Please read if you are self-employed

Hello forumites

We just wanted to let you know that our colleagues at Business Debtline are launching their new, fully revamped website today:


Those of you familiar with the old version would probably agree it was showing its age a little! The new site is very similar in look and feel to the National Debtline site. That means features such as:

- A digital version of the “Dealing With Your Debts” information pack

09 Mar 2015

Auto renew contract

A question about : Auto renew contract

Help. Small business paying an HR company Ј400 month because I was pressurized into signing a contract five years ago. Contract expires next month but they say it auto renews unless I give them 6 months notice. Usual not down to us sir, you should check the small print conversation. Truth is, I cannot afford to carry on the Ј400 a month for another year. Any body have some ideas please?

09 Mar 2015

Business Rates

A question about : Business Rates


I lease premises which are detailed on the business rates bill as wine bar and premises. The business rates seem astronomical especially since I am not doing anything inherently different from the many pubs I am surrounded by and yet their rates are a fraction of mine.

09 Mar 2015

Do I pay for travel time?

A question about : Do I pay for travel time?


I was informed today by one of my staff that I should be paying for their time to travel from job to another within the working day. I run a cleaning business and they usually have 4 to 5 different jobs per day. I pay well over the minimum wage (Ј8 per hour for the cleaners and Ј9 for the supervisor). Who is right?

Thanks you