09 Mar 2015

Mis sold Natwest Account

A question about : Mis sold Natwest Account

Hello everyone,
I initially had an account with Natwest opened in 2001, I then opened a second account online in 2008 to keep money separate etc.

09 Mar 2015

Capital One PPI rejection

A question about : Capital One PPI rejection


I have been rejected by Capital One for my PPI Claim (Final rejection), I'm looking for a way forward, hope you can help.

I applied for a cc in writing and did not tick the insurance box (I have a copy of this sent to me by Capital One). I agreed to PPI during a call to activate the card. I was told that they would not open the account without me taking out the insurance, it was my first cc so knew no better though I felt bullied into it.

09 Mar 2015

sentinel reclaim

A question about : sentinel reclaim

I have had a letter addressed to my late mum who had this insurance. I was the executor of her Will. Can I claim the refund?

Best answers:

  • To make the complaint, you will need to provide them with the death certificate and copies of documentation showing you are the executor of the estate. You may need to provide a copy of the Will too depending on circumstances.
    If the complaint is successful, the money should be dispersed in accordance with the Will.
09 Mar 2015

HSBC credit card card protection

A question about : HSBC credit card card protection