09 Mar 2015

Should I get a Meter

A question about : Should I get a Meter


I say yes, hubby says no.

We live in the Wessex Water area. Four bedroom house and there are four of us.

Unmetered we currently pay Ј949.70 per annum.

We do water our baskets and containers in summer with watering cans and we do clean the car once a week with a hose. Never use a sprinkler.

I can't find anyone who pays as much as us, surely we would be better off?

What does anyone think.


09 Mar 2015

Southern Water Meter Price Hike

A question about : Southern Water Meter Price Hike

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum! I'll keep it simple and refrain from babbling on.

I've a problem with our Southern Water bill.

We had a water meter outside our tiny 2 up 2 down terraced house on 18th September 2014.

Today we received a bill from Southern Water. Which said the following:

Your meter readings

09 Mar 2015

Paying more than double on water meter, please help!

A question about : Paying more than double on water meter, please help!

We have merged two houses together, one house was on a meter for nearly 4 years one was on a fixed rate (which we were allready living in) so we have been told since next door was allready on a meter we would have to be put on a new meter that supplies both houses which are now merged together.

09 Mar 2015

water leak

A question about : water leak

my friend had his water payments increased by a decent amount last month following a reading,the bill was doubled i think.
his water company came out to check for a leak and just been told ok on their side so any leak must be on his side.
he can't see/hear any leak either.

who is responsible for the extra charges if a leak is found,
the tenant or landlord?