09 Mar 2015

Two questions re: SIPP/pension allowance and tax

A question about : Two questions re: SIPP/pension allowance and tax

Have been working on maximising my pension contributions this year to make maximum use of previous unused annual allowance. My goal this year is to make pension contributions up to my total earnings (which are higher than the annual allowance this year). I contribute to:

a) Defined benefit scheme (regular payments).
b) Defined benefit scheme (AVC contract to buy added years).
c) AVCs to employer-sponsored money purchase scheme
d) SIPP with Fidelity

09 Mar 2015

can claim Adiitional Satre Pemsion?

A question about : can claim Adiitional Satre Pemsion?

I would like to know whether I can claim the Additional State Pension when I retire. I am a man aged 48.

I am aware that it is based on my NI contributions record as an employee. However, I have been self-employed since my 20s and I doubt that I have more than a year or two of full Class 1 contributions - perhaps not even that.

Presumably this is why I am forecast to get Ј0.01 Additional State Pension per week.

09 Mar 2015

DB scheme transfer?

A question about : DB scheme transfer?

yes yes yes I know most on here will say not to do it. But regardless of this, does anyone know of a SIPP provider which will actually accept transfers still from a DB Scheme, either with advice or on an insistent customer basis?

Thanks all.

09 Mar 2015

Pension Advice

A question about : Pension Advice

This is a follow on to a previous post on the same subject. I have a local govt. pension and can retire at 58. My OH has no pension. I have another pension which I have never made any contributions to which is a pot of around Ј10,000 which is held by Friends life, I understand this has not been the best performing. If I were to move this pot and contribute Ј500 per month for the next 5- 7 years what sort of growth could I expect and could I take 25% of it tax free at that time.