09 Mar 2015

Ipswich Probate Registry

A question about : Ipswich Probate Registry

Ipswich sent me a grant of probate this week - without paying a penny of postage! I just had to collect it from the sorting office, thought it would be some junk mail but was shocked the registry made such a stupid error as this.title=Mad

Anyway if it happened to me it probably happened to a whole batch - if you're expecting something from them soon keep an eye out for a card from Royal Mail and don't write it off as junk mail!

09 Mar 2015

Trusts for children under 18 inheriting money

A question about : Trusts for children under 18 inheriting money

A relative recently died, and in her will she divided up her estate lots of ways so that many members of the extended family get a small chunk each. (We don't yet know the exact sizes of the chunks but I would be surprised if each chunk is more than about Ј5k max). She named two people as executors: my aunt and the solicitor.

09 Mar 2015

Will & Expression of Wishes

A question about : Will & Expression of Wishes


I'm currently the executor of my Grandmother's estate and have received a sizeable sum of money from her in it. The will is clear and stipulates as follows:

Son a = receives 44%
Son b = receives 44%
Me = receives 12%

09 Mar 2015

Executor trying to hold probate up

A question about : Executor trying to hold probate up

There are 2 executors - another relative and me. We are also trustees to the estate as there are 2 grandchildren under 18 but we are not beneficiaries. The 3 grandchildren are beneficiaries sharing 50% of grandmother's house and one third of Ј150K each (or what's left of it after what could be considerable costs).