09 Mar 2015

BT TV and broadband packages miss selling

A question about : BT TV and broadband packages miss selling

09 Mar 2015

Help TV Licensing Problem

A question about : Help TV Licensing Problem

Hi, My mother has just looked at a TV license from 2012 and it appears to be still in my fathers name even though he died in 2001? She did get one for 2014/15 but has misplaced it. She only looked at it because she is 74 and will be 75 in August so should be eligible for a concession this year and free in after her birthday. Is she in trouble? I must add that the address and bank details have never changed so we just get one through the post every year?

09 Mar 2015

MSE and Sky 40% plus Ј100 Credit Deal

A question about : MSE and Sky 40% plus Ј100 Credit Deal

Does anyone know if the Ј100 credit that is added to your first bill is applied to the subscription payments?

If this is case, when taking the original bundle there would be nothing to pay for six months.


09 Mar 2015

sky code not working

A question about : sky code not working

i've tried the sky code the website has given to me and when i tried on the website it says that they don't recognize the the code i don't know what to do please help

Best answers:

  • What website? Maybe the code has expired.
  • You should use the link from MSE.
    Also, you supplied a post code on initial application, and the code will only work for that post code.