09 Mar 2015

Indoor cats suddenly want to be outdoor!

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Hi all,

09 Mar 2015

Fireworks do kill

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This was my friend's 5 yo GS girl Hera:


RIP little girl....

Anyone thinking of shooting fireworks anywhere just for the hell of it.. think again.

Hera was pretty much killed by one.

She was walking with her human mum in the park when someone decided to shoot a firework.

09 Mar 2015

Washing the dog

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Hi all title=Hello

I wonder if any experienced dog owners could help me out? I have a 2 year old staffie lab x who we rescued just over a year ago. Since the first day he came home with us, he has been terrified of the bathroom. He wouldn't even walk past the bathroom door without peeing himself (I suspect his previous owner used to lock him in the bathroom because he also had a massive dislike to closed doors).

09 Mar 2015

English Dog Strategy

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All, apologies for potentially spamming this, but thought it would be relevant to some on here. I'm a board contributor so thought it would be ok, but moderators, please feel free to delete if against the rules.

Some of you might be aware that there has been a set of recommendations put forward to parliament regarding dog legislation in England. I've just written up a summary of it on my website that might be interesting.

APGAW Dog Strategy - The Practical Companion