26 Feb 2015

A question about : Lloyds TSB Trustcard loyalty points

Hi, i'm just about to pay off my Lloyds Tsb credit card and close the account. The only thing is i've collected quite a lot of 'loyalty points' over the last 7+ years having never redeemed them.
Has anyone had any experience on claiming these points as in what sort of things you can buy or get discounts on? I used to get a mini catalogue with each statement but they seemed to stop coming a while ago.

Thanks, Davey.

Best answers:

  • thanks to saynoto0870
    01273 799270 Ask for Trustcard Points Redemption dep't
    request a catalogue or questions with them
  • Over the years I accumulated a thousand or so of these points and have gradually been using them up to buy John Lewis vouchers, very useful as I was getting Ј100 worth of vouchers for Ј90 and 100 points. Effectively this gave me 10% discount on groceries at Waitrose. However TrustCard discontinued John Lewis vouchers last February. Does anyone know if they still issue Argos, Homebase and B&Q vouchers?
  • Only through the Airmiles duo card I think.
  • It's old news but I bought a couple of hundred B&Q vouchers this way. When Woolworths shops folded we discovered the vouchers were issued by Woolworths Finance and I lost the lot.
  • trukdriver, that's awful, a complete rip-off.
    I've just called up to ask what I can get vouchers for now (my most recent leaflet being from Oct 2008) and was told that the ONLY deal they do now is on High Street Vouchers - which I guess means the Love2Shop ones. (Leaflet has been put in the post so I'll find out when it gets here.) So no more 10% off at Argos or M&S, which IMO were pretty much the only things that this voucher scheme had going for it. Going to redeem my points (or most of them) and then cancel the card.
    The vouchers don't make the most original Christmas presents but at least there's still a wide choice of places to use them, and I think I can be forgiven for lack of originality in Christmas shopping this year since I'm due to give birth in about 3 weeks' time!
  • Thanks for latest list - haven't been sent any leaflets for ages, probably because I hardly use this now but still have lots of these points from years ago. Just got some Argos vouchers - they have a 3 years expiry now which is better than before.
  • Is the Trustcard Plus scheme still running? When I searched on Lloyds TSB web site it suggested it had been discontinued.
  • Not running for new customers.