09 Mar 2015

Paypal advice please

A question about : Paypal advice please

I teach privately from home. Until today, I've had a paypal link on my website where students and parents can purchase lessons. In 15 years, I've not had an issue.

09 Mar 2015

What happens if I refuse a return?

A question about : What happens if I refuse a return?

Basically I sold an item of clothing 2 weeks ago, just received a return request stating it doesn't fit, I did say I estimate it would fit the size I stated but I also listed the measurements and said please refer to these before bidding. What happens if I reject it? Will ebay just force the return? I feel I accurately described the item and I get the vibe they've just changed their mind (I'm a private seller)

09 Mar 2015

eBay, auctions , car boot and jumble sales sticky threads

A question about : eBay, auctions , car boot and jumble sales sticky threads

Ebay & Auctions Board: Useful Links, Info & FAQs


Car boot sale advice - updated 2013


Postage - a helpful guide.REVISED OCTOBER 2013

26 Feb 2015

Amazon/Ebay Q

A question about : Amazon/Ebay Q

Hi all,
I've got a few vids/cds/dvds/books to sell and have read on here that amazon is better for them than ebay unless they're collectable versions.
I've hada flick through the marketplace bit on amazon and most of the dvds I've got to sell are being listed by others for 99p! If I'm supposed to pay the postage on these how on earth can i profit if I need to compete with 99p!!!
Am I better of doing these ones on ebay or putting mine on amazon for a fiver and see what happens??