09 Mar 2015

cis bricklayer buying a van

A question about : cis bricklayer buying a van

Hi, i am buying a van for work and and am looking to offset it against my income. I wAs wondering how much to spend to be the most tax efficient my profits will be around Ј30000 thanks for any advice in advance

09 Mar 2015

(solved by private consultation offline)

A question about : (solved by private consultation offline)

I must be writing the wrong questions !
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09 Mar 2015

New job

A question about : New job

Hi all,

I am going to get a new job. The salary will be Ј42,000.

Can anyone tell me how much tax I will be paying in the UK for this basic salary and how to cut it? I think I will fall into the 40% tax rate but not sure.

On top of this I could be getting a Ј4,000 bonus too so not sure how much that will be taxed!

09 Mar 2015

Wash your uniform at home ?

A question about : Wash your uniform at home ?

Jan 2014 update

Forumite AllSpent has had a Ј100 rebate this month plus an adjusted tax allowance. Read the Full MSE Guide for the latest info on getting a free Uniform Tax Rebate or read about others' successful claims and questions below


EDIT : Tax allowance now Ј60 to Ј140 per year from April 2008