09 Mar 2015

Barnardos interview help?

A question about : Barnardos interview help?

hi there I was just wondering if anyone out there had any advice for an interview at Barnardos as an administrator? it says there will be an exercise before the interview just wondered what this could be?

09 Mar 2015

Overpayment by employer

A question about : Overpayment by employer

I am a reservist currently on a six month mobilisation. So far, so good. There were no issues with the initial mobilisation other than the employer wanting me back as soon as possible, it's nice to be wanted.

However, contrary to the employers own guidelines, they have continued to pay me. I have been placing the money in a savings account and have attempted to contact them on a number of occasions, I have copies of my emails and texts.

They have not returned any messages and continue to pay me.