09 Mar 2015

What would you do with debts?

A question about : What would you do with debts?

Hi All, I hope this is in the correct place.

We currently have Ј9,000 on a 0% credit card until November this year and we are saving (which we will achieve) to clear this in full at this time. However, I have just be accepted for a Barclays Platinum CC with a Ј14,900 credit limit and the 35 month 0% BT rate.

So what I want to know is which is best?

Option 1) should I pay off the balance and forget about the 0% BT rate? Then start replenishing our savings

09 Mar 2015

Should i be stoozing?

A question about : Should i be stoozing?


Sorry because this seems silly.

I have a CC (Natwest) - it was 0% with cashback, its now not 0% but i'm paying off in full. What I have been doing is using my card for every day spending - gaining the cashback from quidco and Natwest - and paying card off every month.

I have 4 bank accounts:

TSC Classic Plus (Savings - have around Ј1500 in here. There was more but i've just got a new kitchen!)

TSB Classic Plus (Annual bills - for example, money that I would need for my MOT is in here)

09 Mar 2015

Get cash from credit cards

A question about : Get cash from credit cards

Hi everyone
I'm reading some articles on here about the possibility to use credit cards to put money into a bank account for free(0 interest). I understand this technique is called stoozing (correct me if i'm wrong)

However I have a few questions:

Balance transfer is mentioned a lot, does balance transfer in this case refers to the transfer of money from credit cards into a bank account?

What I'm trying to achieve is the following:

09 Mar 2015


A question about : denplan

I believe I was miss sold Denplan by my dentist that was at the time
for my children at the age of 4 and have paid it monthly till last month when I stopped the plan. The kids are now 8 and 11 and I took one of them yesterday to the dentist and there was no charge as its free for under 12s! so I have been paying a monthly fee all this time when its free?! I hjave emailed them and they have provided me with a list of all payments made to them . what should I do next please?