09 Mar 2015

Do I have to declare compensation if claiming HB?

A question about : Do I have to declare compensation if claiming HB?

I have been recieving HB and in Jan of this year I received just over Ј7,000 in compensation. I looked on the direct.gov website and it said people were entitled to HB up to savings of Ј16,000. DWP are now saying that they want around Ј2,000 off me for not declaring this and also for not declaring some dormant bank accounts i have but have not used in years! I cannot find anything about declaring one off compensation payments.

09 Mar 2015

Another HB Query, sorry!

A question about : Another HB Query, sorry!


Am hoping someone can help me as all the calculators I use seem to give me conflicting information.

I am currently on maternity leave, therefore in receipt of Ј135.45 SMP per week. My husband earns Ј162.60 per week and we receive Ј108.05 CTC per week (3 children) and Ј47.10 CB per week.

Our rent is Ј675.00 pcm (private landlord) and LHA is Ј150.00 for a 3 bed house.

The council calculator says Ј122.00 HB per week, while turn2us and Gov.uk say about Ј25.00 per week.

09 Mar 2015

Housing benefit tenants not forwarding rent to LL

A question about : Housing benefit tenants not forwarding rent to LL


We find ourselves in this situation. The dss tenant in our property is not forwarding rent to us that they receive from the council.

What are our options in dealing with this tenant?

Many thanks.

09 Mar 2015

A level student entitlement

A question about : A level student entitlement

Hi, I'm 18 and looking at moving into a flat share with a friend i am a full time student although I do work 14.5 hours a week at tescos I'm just wondering if any what I would be entitled to so I can establish whether I could afford. Thanks