26 Feb 2015

A question about : What is EESA?

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask for help but I wanted to find out more about this if you can please. I've been placed into the ESA Support Group and whenever I have any payments into my bank account it has - My Insurance Number EESA as the payer... what is EESA? My DLA goes into my account and shows my National Insurance Number too but it's spelt correctly. Is it simply a spelling mistake or is it something else?

Thanks a lot for your help, hope you can put my mind at rest! title=Smile xxx

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  • Mine says same... and I think everyone's. So either a mistake applying to all (perfectly possible at the DWP) or the E represents something meaningful to the DWP that you needn't worry about
  • a bit of a late response! - but I think its Employment Support Allowance (ESA) http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/welfare...t-and-support/ as I have been looking after a relations bank related details and "DWP EESA" is listed as such, with DWP regarding 'department for work and pensions'. Im not sure what the first "e" may be relating to.
  • Hi
    Just a thought but I would assume it's something like E evaluationestimation, Employment Support Allowance. As most of those rated for thisallowance are being re-assessed for income related. So this could be apossibility.
  • Think it applies to people in the support group who are paid a disability premium and stands for Enhanced ESA.
  • I am in the wrag group and have EESA too.
  • EESA stands for Enhanced Employment Support Allowance, which normally runs for 2 years before you get assessed again.
  • I think pretty much everyone has EESA, whatever stage they are in or group they are in! I have been in the Support Group for the past 12 months but have been getting 'EESA' right from the beginning of my claim.
  • Hello, I was trying to find this out myself. I found this page (clearly), and an FOI request explaining the additional 'E' as a superfluous error.
    As a new user it appears I cannot give the link, but this is the relevant text:
    "Freedom of Information Act - Request for Information
    Our Reference: FOI 2937
    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 25 June 2013. You
    “My partner and I are both disabled for different reasons and she claims for me, on her
    bank statement the classification says EESA not just ESA can you supply an
    explanation for the meaning of the EESA classification, does this mean it is CESA
    please explain the meaning of this, I searched the web and could not find anything
    clarifying this classification, and others seem just as confused”.
    I can confirm that the EESA classification on your partner's bank statement does
    represent Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The additional 'E' is superfluous and
    does not mean anything. This was due to a misalignment of data during the final stages
    in the payment issuing process when payments of ESA by Automated Credit Transfer
    were introduced.
    I appreciate that this may be confusing and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the reference number
    Yours sincerely
    CD Communications Team"
  • The EESA acronym is for Enhanced Employment and Support Allowance. The difference between this and basic 'ESA' is that EESA will include supplementary payments; for example it could include a componen for illness or disability related payments for those who under the previous scheme had received both Incapacity Benefit and Income Support. A number of people receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) were previously entitled to a 'gauranteed income support supplement' so this would be reflected in EESA too.
  • Sorry Necromancer, my own experience leads me to believe that TBmoneyname's answer is the correct one.
  • Here's my take on it. When I first applied for ESA it was the same amount as JSA. I was told that there was a 13 week assessment period during which they decide if you are eligible for ESA and what group you go into (work-related or support).
    If you are placed in a group then your benefit will increase in relation to the amount payed by JSA. This is when EESA starts appearing on your account. Its not really a supplementary payment, just the amount you were supposed to get after the 13 week assessment period. But I guess its supplementary if you compare it to JSA.
    I was told on the phone (DWP) that it stood for "Enhanced Employment and Support Allowance". But I'm guessing TBmoneyname is right in that they added the extra "E" simply to distinguish the payments from the pre-assessment payments