09 Mar 2015

Dirty and romantic weekend

A question about : Dirty and romantic weekend


I am from Leeds and I am looking for a romantic and dirty weekend (Friday to Sunday) to go away with my wife. We really need a rest from kids and need a few days for us.

09 Mar 2015

Bournemouth ?

A question about : Bournemouth ?


I need to go to Bournemouth in June for business , i want to keep away from the stag/hen hotels , has anyone got recommendations of the right area to be in for my purpose that means i might get a nights sleep ?

I have read east cliff is an area to aim for?

Nothing against partygoers but i`ll need my sleep!


09 Mar 2015

Bones fans

A question about : Bones fans

Do any 'Bones' fans out there know how I can watch series 10 episode one.
All the catch up services seem to start at episode 2.

Thanks in advance

Best answers:

  • Only by illegal means I would say. E.g. Find a torrent and download it.
    Great episode though!
  • As long as I was not going mad and just not unable to find it!
09 Mar 2015

Dog friendly hotel ?

A question about : Dog friendly hotel ?


Can anyone recommend a dog friendly hotel near the Eurotunnel ?