09 Mar 2015

catalogue debt dispute

A question about : catalogue debt dispute

09 Mar 2015

Chasing Payments

A question about : Chasing Payments

09 Mar 2015

HELP aktiv kapital.

A question about : HELP aktiv kapital.

Hi All

My Girlfriend has just started getting letter for the above, so i sent up a email address and email them.

The below i what i sent because i she told me the debt was form years and years ago.

The reason i am worried is , i have moved all my stuff into her house and dont want debt collectors coming in and taking it!!!!!!!!

Please Help

I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any other company or organisation that you claim to be representing.

Dear Sir/Madam

09 Mar 2015

6 Year Debt Dispute still ongoing

A question about : 6 Year Debt Dispute still ongoing