09 Mar 2015

Railway level crossings

A question about : Railway level crossings

Every now and again, I get a bee in my bonnet about some issue or other, and I have recently been enjoying a discussion on this forum about whether or not it is reasonable for cyclists to expect to be allowed to continue with their historic rights to unencumbered access to the public highway when every other group of highway users is extremely tightly regulated, and at considerable cost to themselves.

09 Mar 2015

Virgin trains

A question about : Virgin trains

Does anyone know if there is an advantage to buying train tickets one day before travel, or will the prices be the same as buying on the day at the station?


Best answers:

  • If there are sdvance tickets left to sell, then these will generally be cheaper than buying walkon tickets next day.
    If the advance tickets are sold out then there will be no difference
    I don't know if Virgin have a 6pm or midnight cutoff for advance tickets
09 Mar 2015

No refund or amendment of cross country e-ticket?

A question about : No refund or amendment of cross country e-ticket?

Hi all,

I stupidly got my dates muddled and bought a ticket for travel on friday instead of tuesday this week

cross country are saying i cannot amend or cancel booking, this is Ј40 down the drain i can ill afford, they say this is because I chose the e-ticket method

is there anything I can do? it seems really wrong



09 Mar 2015

Have you ever asked for your bus fare back?

A question about : Have you ever asked for your bus fare back?

I get the bus to and from work five days a week and for the past six months it hasn't been on time once. A big banner on the bus says that if you're not happy with your journey you can ask the driver for your money back.

I was wondering if anyone has ever done this, I think quite a few occasions I've been deserving of my money back but haven't asked because I didn't want to make a scene on the box and hold everyone else up who was probably also late to get home from work to.