09 Mar 2015

Kelloggs Tip and Sip Bowl codes for Cub Pack

A question about : Kelloggs Tip and Sip Bowl codes for Cub Pack


Does anyone have any of the codes from the Kelloggs cereal packets for the Tip and Sip bowls that they are not using?

I am a Cub leader for a cub pack that has been running for about a year, and we are trying to get an equipment stock together so that we have enough equipment to be able to offer a Cub Camp to our Cubs next year.
Bowls are one of the things on our list, so I thought I'd try and get some with the codes.

26 Feb 2015


A question about : E:26/06

Cravendale Kitchen Collection is back!


If any of you have spare code(s) (the code you get from the bottle/carton can only be use once & they are not universal code - so I would suggest if any of you would like to give your quote away - you can PM whoever is requesting the code) that you are not going to use - I would appreciate it if you could PM me the code(s) please. Thank you.


26 Feb 2015

Free Pringles speaker

A question about : Free Pringles speaker

If you buy 3 promotional tubs of pringles then you can redeem a free speaker for the pringle tub.


26 Feb 2015

Free Father's Day cards

A question about : Free Father's Day cards

/ What's the deal?

There are two great deals for free Father's Day (or other occasions) cards. Either a fiddly way to get one totally free or a simple deal to get one for 50p.

/ The deals...

Totally free card worth Ј3.48 (10,000 available)