09 Mar 2015

Cha Electronics

A question about : Cha Electronics

Just wondering if anyone has come across this firm?

I was on the internet looking for a new fridge freezer and their prices are too good to be true, especially as they have a 10% off code that can be applied to lower their already low prices.

Alarm bells are ringing but if I use a CC then I should be pretty safe, shouldn't I?


09 Mar 2015

I wanna buy a steam mop...

A question about : I wanna buy a steam mop...

Any good deals around? Missed out on the argos one at Xmas!

09 Mar 2015

Venetian Blinds

A question about : Venetian Blinds

Driving me abit mad, looked about a fair bit but struggling.

Looking for 5 sets of venetian blinds

- Preferably faux wood would consider wood or faux wood pvc types NOT aluminium.
- 5 blinds needed with (usually standard) child safety features, rod versus cord
- Looking for 1 black, 1 dark brown variation (oak/mahogany/wenge etc.) and 3 of a natural colour (e.g. beech) not white though.

I need somewhere that offers custom measurements or a fit for W 113 to 113.5 recess x H 110 recess

09 Mar 2015

Which TV?

A question about : Which TV?

Looking to buy a TV over 42 and under Ј500 ish.

Best quality picture & sound possible, not bothered about freeview as it will be linked to Sky. 3D would be a bonus but I know that will put the price up so not a must have. A nice slim frame, it won't be fitted to the wall.