09 Mar 2015

Las Vegas guide and MSE thread 2015

A question about : Las Vegas guide and MSE thread 2015

Las Vegas is not like other places you might have been, where the hotels are near to the attractions. In Vegas the hotels ARE the attractions. Most have a huge casino attached, but if you think that's all there is to the place, you are sorely mistaken! Each hotel is very different, with its own theme and attractions.

The good news is, is that Vegas can be a friend for us Money Saving Experts, with lots of free attractions, cheap eats/drinks and value for money to be had.

09 Mar 2015


A question about : PLEASE HELP

So here's what happened
I travelled down to Nottingham on the night before and stayed over, I got up at 5am and I was checked in the airport for 6am. I was sat in a coffee shop waiting for the announcement that the gate was open and that we we could board.

Ryanair made no announcements and then allowed the plane to take off early.

09 Mar 2015


A question about : Airbnb


09 Mar 2015

Renting private apartment?

A question about : Renting private apartment?

We have had lots of problems with our travel agent and have started looking to rent a private apartment. The one we really like is asking for the full price (in three instalments) up front by BACS & there's no possibility to pay by credit card.
Would we have any come back if things were to go wrong?