09 Mar 2015

Awful BT switch Experience through MSE Link

A question about : Awful BT switch Experience through MSE Link

Anyone else had a Problem with switching to BT? DONT USE BT!!!!

09 Mar 2015

BT Over charging

A question about : BT Over charging


I need some help I have just realised BT have been charging me Ј3.72 per month for a HUB phone that I do not have, this has been charged since February 2014.

I am on Infinity which cannot have the HUB phone they are referring to.

I spoke with their call centre and they state they will only refund for one month but will not backdate to February 2014 even though I have insisted I do not and have not had this product.

09 Mar 2015

Virgin Media's Phone Master Socket

A question about : Virgin Media's Phone Master Socket

Note: I'm posting this more as a rant than a plea for help, although my sanity could do with some assistance!

So we've now got our old BT phone number ported to our shiny new Virgin Media phone socket and all that was left to do was for me to remove our telephone extension to the next room (hard wired into the BT faceplate) and hard wire it into the Virgin faceplate. Our master socket is identical to BT's the Virgin installer had said as he left. Is it flaming 'eck!

09 Mar 2015

Where do I stand with talk talk?

A question about : Where do I stand with talk talk?

Hey mse,
My ex is the account holder, although he left in September, he took out the contract along with the extra fiber, that I didnt want, but hey! Since he left, I have been paying the bill by one off payments online that have been charging me an extra Ј10 for not doing direct D. I obviously cant do that as its linked to me ex's bank not mine, and talk talk refuse to talk to me as I am not the account holder!