26 Feb 2015

Have you donated?

A question about : Have you donated?

Have you donated? A simple question. Have you donated cash to the Tsunami appeal. If so how much?

A. No !
B. No, but am planning to !
C. Yes, up to Ј10 !
D. Yes, Ј11 to Ј24 !
E. Yes, Ј25 to Ј49 !
F. Yes, Ј50 to Ј99 !
G. Yes, Ј100 to Ј249 !
H. Yes, Ј250 to Ј999 !
I. Yes Ј1,000 plus !

To vote in the poll click on this link. To discuss the poll click on reply.

If you'd like to donate more to charity at no cost to you read the Feed the starving at no cost to you article.

26 Feb 2015

How often do you compare energy/ phone supplier?

A question about : How often do you compare energy/ phone supplier?

Poll Title: Switch and Ditch: How often do you compare (and switch where necessary) electricity/ gas/ phone supplier? To discuss this poll visit the Polls board in the Chat Forum

a. I’m a dedicated MoneySaver – at least every six months and I always grab the cashback
b. Just when I feel like it - Once a year
c. When a salesman knocks on my door
d. Never. I’m still with my original supplier.

26 Feb 2015

Did privatisation work?

A question about : Did privatisation work?

Poll Started 29 September 2004. Did privatisation work? Would you renationalise? Mrs Thatchers shareholding democracy is now in its adolescence, but has it worked, are things better now our big utility companies are private or would you prefer to renationalise, so the state again owns and controls our railways, gas and electricity and phone system? Which of the following would you renationalise?

26 Feb 2015


A question about : ARE YOU A TART? POLL

! !Poll Title: 9 November 2004: Are you a tart? Do you play the credit card game or let it play you? Which of the following most closely describes your behaviour?