09 Mar 2015

Clay Soil

A question about : Clay Soil

Looking out this morning, were faced with this. The snow has melted, and now the garden is soaked with water in the centre, its been raining which has not helped things.

Currently, the water from the Grass is coming onto the concrete, and therefore sitting in a nice little puddle. The short term solution is to brush it to the drain, as it does not naturally fall to that location.

09 Mar 2015

Help with overgrown greenhouse.

A question about : Help with overgrown greenhouse.

I moved into a new house in November and i'm finally looking at getting the garden sorted. I'd like to sew some vegetable seeds next month. I've put some pictures up, any advice on what to do or where to start with the greenhouse and what I assume used to be a vegetable patch.

The previous owner said her husband was the gardener but he had an accident and has been in a nursing home for the past 4 years, so I don't think anything has been done since then.

Thank you.

09 Mar 2015

Another New Build Garden

A question about : Another New Build Garden

Hi everyone

Sorry for another help thread, I have read through pages and pages of great advice all weekend however I am still at a loss for my retaining wall, which is what I want to concentrate on for planting, as it's in our eyeline from the car on approach to the house, the kitchen & dining room and bedroom windows.

We purchased this house and moved in just before Christmas, the garden is not touched, except what the builder has planted on top of the retaining wall.

09 Mar 2015

Recommendation for good brand name garden tools (not electric)!

A question about : Recommendation for good brand name garden tools (not electric)!

I've got a new garden. It's the size of an allotment and I'm going to be growing my winter food store on it. But I need garden tools - spade, fork, rake, shears, secateurs etc. I don't want electrical tools.

Can anyone recommend a particular brand that isn't going to break in the first three months! I'm going to be working in the garden full time (40 hours a week) so I am hoping someone can help me make a wise investment. Recommendations based on experience please!