09 Mar 2015

H Samuel discount codes

A question about : H Samuel discount codes

I have Ј150.00 worth of H Samuel vouchers that I got as a gift, does anyone know whether these can be used in any other shop as I do not want anything from H Samuel?

09 Mar 2015

10% off at Sony

A question about : 10% off at Sony

I went to buy a TV from Sony direct yesterday. Their website was down, so they offered me a 10% voucher code (SORRY4493) by way of apology.

I subsequently bought a TV which is on Amazon for Ј310 from Sony for Ј270. Free delivery.

Might be of use to someone.

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    09 Mar 2015

    Marks and Spencer discount codes Thread 2

    A question about : Marks and Spencer discount codes Thread 2

    Official MoneySavingExpert.com insert:

    For the latest offers, have a look at our Marks and Spencer Discount Codes

    Back to the original post...

    Does anyone happen to have a free delivery code for Marks and Spencer or Next at all?

    09 Mar 2015

    Newspaper thread and front pages

    A question about : Newspaper thread and front pages

    Clickable front pages for today here:


    Please post further details of any vouchers, deals etc below.

    Current prices (Sundays):

    Observer: Ј2.70
    Independent: Ј2.20
    Telegraph: Ј2.00
    Times: Ј2.50
    Mail: Ј1.50
    Mirror: Ј1.10
    Express: Ј1.40
    Sun: Ј0.70