09 Mar 2015

Besieged with 'IE has crashed' birds

A question about : Besieged with 'IE has crashed' birds

I run Windows 7 and use IE Explorer (10 or 11 - can't remember which) but every time we use the internet the little bird keeps floating up telling me that IE has crashed but no solution yet.
Nothing appears to be wrong but I keep having to close the annoying message.

Should I uninstall IE and reinstall it and if so how do you do it?

Thanks in anticipation of any help.

09 Mar 2015

Removable disk E

A question about : Removable disk E

Hi . I transfer photos from my camera via Removable disk E . I click Removable disk E , db click DCIM, db, click 101MSDCF which brings up whats in my camera. I can then drag the tiles across into picture files.

Now Im getting a message that there isnt enough space on the removable disk and says I have 99.3MB free of 1.87GB. so it wont transfer any more photos . The red line that shows the capacity of disk E , is right at the full end.

09 Mar 2015

i-pad air new screen.?

A question about : i-pad air new screen.?

Hi Guys, my OH has damaged my i-pad air screen, cracked it at left handside by the camera.can they be replaced, and if so, at what cost-ish? I can still use it.title=Have

09 Mar 2015

iPhone question pleas

A question about : iPhone question pleas

My son-in- law uses an iPhone for taking photos. Even though it has Bluetooth, for whatever reason, he has been unable to Bluetooth any photos to other devices. Does anyone know an easy way of getting these photos out please.