09 Mar 2015

Grocery Shopping budget thread

A question about : Grocery Shopping budget thread

Hi there! We're having a lot of threads asking about budgets for grocery shopping. Until now, Pink-winged and I have merged these into the current Grocery Challenge thread. However, I'm aware that they can become lost there, so in future, they'll be added to this thread, so that people who ask about how much others spend on groceries can be directed here.

09 Mar 2015

No T Words mentioned at all

A question about : No T Words mentioned at all

I'm very aware that the old Not Mentioning the T word thread has kind of come to a halt. Some of our regulars had sad news and difficult situations recently and I thought maybe it was time for a fresh start? I don't want to offend anyone so if you think I'm out of order just say and I'll ask one of the board mods to merge this with the old thread (which is here if anyone wants to view it)

Anyway -