23 May 2015

New dmp....what happens to mortgage?

A question about : New dmp....what happens to mortgage?

Hi all

23 May 2015


A question about : Debt

So, my husband and I have a credit card and it's in his name (but I also have a card).

He's been at sea for last few months and I finally logged into his account to look at statement. We owe around Ј6,000. Although, I did pay Ј700 off straight away. I probably owe next around Ј1k.

I'm a stay at home mum at the moment - we have two children and another on the way.

Money wise my hubby earns around Ј40k per year and we get child benefit plus about Ј100 a month from my ex in maintenance.

23 May 2015

Debt Help / Ideas

A question about : Debt Help / Ideas

Hello all I am just after a bit of advice please.

My current debt is as follow....

Credit Card 1 = Ј2122.65 (18.9%) - I pay min Ј50 a month
Credit Card 2 = Ј6775.72 (0%) for 28 months - I pay min Ј146 a month
Loan = Ј5326.38 (9.4%) 29 payments left !!! - Ј181

23 May 2015

a wee question...

A question about : a wee question...

Hello everyone. Hope all the dfw's are doing well with their journeys.