23 May 2015

4A question about : Nuisance Automated Voicemail from Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Just posting this here as a little concerned as to how they got my number.

I had an automated electronic (non-Human) audio voicemail left on my mobile today, the number was 0161 475 2875 and it asked me to ring 0161 475 2861. I googled this and came up as Moorcroft Debt recovery.

Alarm bells rang as it would with anyone, as I am not in any kind of situation that would lead to an organisation like Moorcroft getting involved. Do have some debts like most but all in hand.

When I called they said they had no record of any case against the number they called on, so basically no reason to be on Moorcroft's books, and I didn't give them any of my personal details.

However, how the hell did they get my mobile phone number in the fist place? And to what end would they leave a cold call voicemail on my phone asking me to call them, when they don't have any reason to contact me?

Seems extremely dodgy to me.

Best answers:

  • I would not panic. We get one every month for someone called Mr Scott! We have called them and written to them but nothing!
  • Hi, a year later and I've just been left a message as well, quoting someone else's name, and asking me to ring them, so they are still at it. I rang them back on a general number to investigate further, as I didn't want to give them any more info about myself - I have programmed them into my phone as a contact under 'Ignore' - so that when they ring I don't waste my time with them.