23 May 2015

A question about : Consumer Debt Aid

Has anyone heard of this company or had dealings with them? Are they legitimate or should I stay clear??

Best answers:

  • sounds like a back hole company
  • If they are a fee charging DMP company or if they promise to magically write off 80% of your debts, RUN AWAY
  • Stay clear. Try one of the debt charities such as Step Change or Christians Against Poverty (you don't have to be a Christian) instead.
  • Hi Madaboutpink
    Just following on from others
    Going with a genuine free DMP provider has always been a no brainer for me however people have the right to choose if they so wish but always best to fully understand anything that you enter into including costs & fees
    There is also the option of self - managing which is definitely getting easier for those that feel confident enough.
    General info on debt management plans including self managing below from Citizens Advice CABmoney
    Also, and maybe more important at this stage, have you had advice on all your options? if not best to get advice based on your full circumstances from one of the charities such as CAB, NDL & SC - CAB link below that might help in the meantime
    PS - maybe put up your SOA
    Your choices at the end of the day
    Best Wishes